Why Get Tenant Insurance?

To better understand why insurance is something you need, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How would I get the money to replace all of my lost personal possessions if a fire or flood destroyed my home?
  • Would I have a place to stay (or money for a hotel) if I needed to leave my home as a result of a fire or flood?
  • If I accidently cause a fire (by falling asleep with a cigarette or leaving a pot on the stovetop), which also destroys my neighbour’s property and I am sued, would I be able to pay for my legal expenses?

The purpose of insurance is to protect yourself and your family from unexpected events that may occur when we least expect them and which may cost a lot to handle.

While you might think that these kinds of things won’t happen to you, it’s more common than you think. Even if an incident doesn’t originate in your unit, you could be affected. And while some landlords and local charities might be able to help – they often can’t afford to help with everything you need.

The HSC Tenant Insurance Program is a low-cost, hassle free insurance solution for residents of community housing. It protects you from loss or damage to personal property from fire, theft, and water damage and pays additional living expenses if you are forced to leave your home because of a covered loss. This tenant insurance plan offers you an exceptionally competitive price because the pricing was negotiated for you as a group rather than as individual tenants.

Apply for Insurance

Get a quote and apply for tenant insurance

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Renew Insurance

What you need to know about renewing your insurance

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Make a Claim

How to make a claim if disaster strikes

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The HSC Tenant Insurance Program is brokered by Marsh's Private Client Services and underwritten by XN Financial. Read more