Housing Providers

HSC has arranged for a range of insurance and risk management services to Canada’s social housing sector:


Tenant Insurance

Many insurance claims that housing providers make result from accidents involving residents. They also involve residents being displaced from their homes and losing their possessions.

Often tenants do not realize that their landlord’s insurance does not cover them or their belongings in the event of a fire. And many tenants that are displaced from their units cannot afford to pay for temporary accommodation – forcing the provider and Service Manager to scramble to make arrangements. These accidents can also affect a provider’s claims history and risk profile, making their building insurance more expensive.

There’s a simple policy-based solution, which more and more housing providers are using: making tenant insurance mandatory for residents by including it as a clause in their rental agreement. Making this decision protects both tenants and providers when disasters happen

HSC can help you make tenant insurance mandatory in your building by:

  • Connecting you with providers who have successfully implemented a tenant insurance policy in their buildings
  • Helping you market HSC’s low-cost tenant insurance program to residents with brochures and information sessions
  • Arranging for advice and support on ensuring compliance to your mandatory tenant insurance policy


Group Insurance for Social Housing Providers

HSC Insurance & Risk Management is focused on protecting the financial well-being of housing providers and residents from risk events.

We manage one of the largest group insurance programs in North America, delivering competitive premiums and guaranteed coverage that is tailored specifically to the needs of the housing sector. Our program also provides support to social housing providers with education on risk management and liability and loss prevention.

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Common Room Insurance

Renting out your common rooms to tenants or community groups for special events is a great way to bolster community spirit and generate additional revenue. But if anything goes wrong, it can put your organization and the event hosts at risk of liability.

Available exclusively to housing providers in HSC’s Group Insurance Program, SoHo’s Common Room Insurance coverage ensures that event hosts are protected from liability.

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